Screen for preview monitor

Give your stages a professional look with our screens.


From behind the speaker’s podium on stage, the presenter is guiding his audience through the event, assisted by a display on the ground with the most important items of the agenda and some notes. From behind, the connections and all cables necessary for operating the display are in plain sight.

You do not like that? No problem! ML-Case has got the solution for you. Our new screens for preview monitors are now available!


Hide the cable clutter quickly, easily and discreetly. You need neither tapes nor cable ties nor other equipment! With our screens, you make sure that the attention of the audience is where it should be!

Another advantage: Our screens can be used not only for preview monitors but also for other equipment and props used during the show.Our screens can be used not only for preview monitors but also for other equipment and props used during the show.

43” and 46”

We offer screens for 43” and 45” monitors.

The length of the screen is 1016 mm, the height is 460 mm and the depth when folded is 36 mm.

When unfolded, the screen’s depth is 418 mm. Compact, easy to transport and set up without tools in mere seconds.

18 mm plywood

Our screens are manufactured from 18 mm plywood. Black, scratch-proof, structured varnish gives the extra chic look. Black high quality piano hinges serve to fold and unfold the screens.

No tools, no screwing

For setting up the screens neither tools nor loosening screws is necessary. The fixation of the side panels happens via two magnets built into the sides. When carrying the screens, the magnets will secure the sides tightly to the main board.

Easy transport

The compact dimensions when folded make the screens easy to move. A flap handle without dish on the inner side allows for one-handed handling. All fittings are invisible for the audience.

Are you interested in a screen for preview monitors? Send us an inquiry or contact us personally and our team will provide you with a personal offer for your project. Free of course!