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Why ML -Case?

Individuelle Flightcases

individuelle Flightcases

Custom made

Whether cases for pens or aircraft parts – in black, yellow or aluminum? Sporting your logo? There is no limit to the individuality of our cases. See a selection of the endless possibilities ML-Case offers.

Perfekte individuelle Flightcases

Professional quality

May claim it – we do it. An ML case excels in its precision, its design and  its durability. Just what you expect from a case that was created just for you. You won’t ever worry about your equipment again when it is transported in an ML case.

30 years of experience

Our tradition and future: our success story is founded on our experience and our aspiration to provide you with the best cases tailored for your needs. For this reason, many  grand orchestras, renowned theaters and may large corporations are among our satisfied regular customers. It is the quality we provide based on our experience that makes our products unique!

All in one hand

Design, production, dispatch – all in one hand. Custom fitting is our strong suit. Our cases come with high quality fittings, some of which we even design and produce ourselves, to make sure you get just the case you want.




See the possibilities of custom fitting

Customization. No limits.

1. Choose a model

The first step to your custom-made case
Koffer Case indviduelle Flightcases




  • easy to handle
  • Robust suitecase form
  • Adaptable size
  • Custom-made and handcrafted for your needs


  • For equipment
  • Notebooks and documents
  • Smaller devices
  • Keyboard case
truhencase indviduelle Flightcases

Trunk case



  • Bottom higher than lid
  • Removable lid or stay-up lid
  • Robust design with shatter-proof bottom
  • Adaptable size


  • For large equipment
  • Lamps and lights of every kind
  • As pack size case
  • Portable bulky objects (high sill)
haubencase indviduelle Flightcases

Top Case



  • Bottom lower than lid
  • Removable lid
  • Robust design with shatter-proof bottom
  • Adaptable size
  • Custom-made and handcrafted for your needs


  • For amps and monitors
  • For Mixers
  • Heavy objects (low sill)

3 part top case



  • Bottom lower than lid
  • Lids removable sideways
  • Robust design with shatter-proof bottom
  • Adaptable size
  • Custom-made and handcrafted for your needs


  • For heavy exhibits
  • For very high objects
  • Mixer case with base construction
  • For low ceilings when lids removed

Rack case



  • Up to three lids (always front; top and back optional)
  • Removable lids
  • Robust design with shatter-proof bottom
  • Adaptable size (height measured in HU (height units; 1 HU=44,5 mm
  • Custom-made and handcrafted for your needs



  • For drawer cases
  • For devices and objects that have to be removed sideways
  • For 19” devices
  • For low ceilings when lids removed

2. Choose a line

Step 2 on your way to your custom-made flightcase


Standard line




  • 23 mm ML-Case safety edges
  • Small/medium ball corners
  • ML-Case corner reinforcement
  • Small/medium fittings
  • 6mm plywood




BA 6,5mm Chasseholz


Standard Flightcase Line

Pro line




  • 30mm ML-Case safety edges
  • Medium ball corners
  • ML-Case corner reinforcement
  • Medium fittings
  • 6.5mm/9mm plywood


BA 6,5/9mm Chaseholz


Pro Flightcase Line

Heavy duty line




  • 35mm ML case safety edges, recessed rivets
  • 6-hole ball corners
  • ML-Case 6-hole corner reinforcement
  • Large fittings
  • 9mm plywood


BA 9mm Chaseholz

Heavy Duty Flightcase Line

3. Choose exterior design

The next step on your way to your custom-made flightcase


Wheels and runners

100mm blue wheel The classic for your case: the ML-Case blue wheel. They can carry up to 150 kg per wheel and can be ordered with and without brake. To add robustness, these are mounted onto a reinforcement plate to further improve stability of the case.

100mm blue wheel


75 mm wheels are the “light” variant of wheels in our portfolio. Due to their compact design, they are often used on slim cases (ca. <300mm). They are available with and without brake.

75 mm wheels


Stacking feet are attached to the corners of the case and prevent the case from shifting when stacked. Please note that they cannot be combined with other wheels or runners.

Stacking feet


Rubber feet allow you to place cases softly and also prevent direct contact of the fittings with the floor. ***Rubber feet are available in many sizes***

Rubber feet


With increasing popularity, wooden runners can be used for mixer cases and also racks. They are abrasion-resistant and ensure that your case has a secure and level position. Their size depends on the size of the case.

Wooden runners


With its 50mm diameter, these wheels are perfectly fitted for use in trolley cases. Usually, they are combined with telescopic handle or another handle, depending on the measurements of your case.

Corner castor


With stacking notches, your cases will never shift again when they are stacked. They can be combined with flattened ball corners. When stacked, the space between the cases will be just 22mm with our stacking notches.

Stacking notches



Sprung handle (recessed or non-recessed) Its flat design and high stability combined with an impressive payload capacity make this handle the most popular handle ordered for our cases. Owing to its spring return, the handle never is in the way but is always aligned closely to the case. *** further variants available ***

Sprung handle (recessed or non-recessed)


This handle is widely known from suitcases of all kinds. With its black handpiece and chromed cover on the case, it is an affordable yet stable option for every suitcase.

Suitcase handle


The most comfortable of our handles. With its high quality imitation leather and comfortable padding, this is the handle you want for carrying heavy suitcases.

Leather handle


This is the smaller variant of the well-known standard sprung handle. With only 76mm in height, it is perfectly suited for low racks. But do not be deceived by its size: it is just as robust and enduring as its “big brother”!

Small sprung handle



With lashing eyelets you can secure your cases e.g. in vehicles. They are equipped with return springs and can withstand pulling forces of up to max. 1300 N thanks to a counter-plate.

Lashing eyelet


The label dish can hold pieces of paper of up to 230x170 mm, inserted from the inside of the case.

Label dish with window


The label dish is equipped with a reusable plastic label that has a size of 127 x 177 mm.

Label dish


Our production labels are an easy way to label cases with information like order details, owner, case number, content or stage position. Just write on the label with a permanent marker and wash off with a mild cleaner.

ML production label


For scanning equipment without the need to open the case. The size of the window is 105x55 mm.

Scanner window


Fanning dishes allow for climate regulation in our cases. Fresh air can get in, hot air can get out.

Fanning dish


The connection dish allows for connection of 2x XLR-socket or Neutrik Speakon socket NL4MP. It is powder-coated in black and has a size of 63 x 112 mm.

Connection dish



The hinge for light to medium heavy lids. The hinge is galvanized and opens to around 100° opening angle. The outer dimensions are ca. 40 x 90 mm.

8-hole hinge

The hinge is made of durable galvanized steel and opens to around 100° opening angle. The outer dimensions are ca. 127 x 175 mm.

Lid-stay hinge

This is a small lid-stay hinge. The nickel-plated hinge is the best solution for small case lids and opens to around 100°. The outer dimensions are ca. 20 x 80 mm.

Cheney hinge small

Piano hinges are the best solution for 180° opening angles. They are fully adjustable in length. Available widths are 38 mm and 50 mm.

Piano hinges


The large butterfly is almost symbolic for flightcases. This specialized latch with its butterflyshaped turning plate keeps the lids of your case securely in position due to its strong prestressing. Large butterfly latches are normally applied in heavy duty designs.

Butterfly large

The medium butterfly keeps the lid of your case securely in position due to its strong prestressing and can be unfastening easily by rotation. It is normally applied in pro line designs.

Butterfly medium

The butterfly latch for suitcases.

Butterfly mini

The butterfly latch for low-rise cases or racks.

Butterfly 2 HU

This butterfly is around the size of a medium butterfly and can be locked with a key to protect your case against unwanted opening.

Butterfly lockable

This butterfly latch is used to secure stacked cases and keeps them in position. The mechanism is based on a “normal” butterfly latch and is usually combined with stack corners or feet.

Overlatch butterfly

This high quality galvanized latch is an ideal and easy solution to fasten the lid of your case or rack. With the integrated eyelet the latch can be locked with a podlock for extra protection.

Drawbolt latch

Further highlights


You want to attach your logo or important information directly to the case? This is not a problem for ML-Case. We can fit your case with customized labels, images or texts, scratch-proof and individualized.

Case labelling

Maintenance flaps allow you to conduct spontaneous checks or wiring without the need to open the case.

Maintenance flap

A genuine ML-Case invention, which allows you to e.g. fix the table plates of tool cases to your case.

Slide-in joint

4. Choose an interior design

The last step on your way to your custom-made case


This foam with its soft compressive strength is suited to absorb shocks and is available in various heights.

PU foam soft

This foam is firm and therefore suited to cushion heavy objects in the case. It is also closed porous, which means that it does not absorb liquids.

PE foam firm

Composite foam

Composite foam

Felt protects the content of a case against scratches or similar damage. Our industrial quality felt is durable and 3 mm in height.


Nap foam is the best option for uneven and sensitive surfaces. It is based on PU soft foam and available in various heights.

Nap foam

The basis for our grooved foam is firm PE foam, which has grooves in 14 mm intervals. This is the best option for variable compartments with light contents. *Partitions have to be ordered separately.

Grooved foam

We mill foam inlays according to your wishes and requirements. The solution for customized cases!

Milled foam

Further options

To keep your A4 documents safe and ready at hand. The box is made of very firm cardboard material, the lid is fastened with Velcro.

Box for documents

These straps are very tear-resistant and can be adjusted in length to your requirements. For easy handling, the straps are fitted with a clip to fasten your goods safely and securely in the case.

Fastening straps

The inlay is made of synthetic leather and offers space for e.g. documents, pens and business cards.

Briefcase inlay

For custom-made ML cases. All our cases can be fitted with tailored drawers, for all uses, in allsizes and variations. A drawer can bear loads of up to 35 kg.


With our partitions, the interior of your case can be sub-divided into compartments as required. Of course, the partitions are custom-made to exactly fit your case. Our standard variant is painted in black, but other colors are of course available.


The simple solution to neatly store your tools in the case. It offers the perfect solution to keep your screwdrivers, pliers, ratchets, etc. in their place.

Tool holder

Rack rails are used to install 19” devices in the case. Optionally, the rails can be ordered in an adjustable version (opening to ca. 30°). The used rack nuts as a standard are protected against slipping. Sets of nuts and screws are also available.

Rack rails


Did you know…

…what custom-made flightcases are?

To transport large items safely and securely, special boxes are often used, so-called flightcases. The term itself originates from aircraft technology, but our ML cases are being used in a wide variety of fields, for transporting for example musical instruments, desktops, spotlights, medical or electronical equipment – for more than 30 years now! The important thing is to protect the content of the case against shocks, hits, rain or the access of unauthorized persons.


…that custom-made flightcases are our passion?

We produce cases for our customers, according to their wishes and requirements and a love for detail that is the core of ML-Case’s philosophy. Not only do we offer many standard cases but also a wide range of custom-made products, which are hand-crafted after careful planning in close cooperation with the client. There is almost nothing that is impossible for us. And in fact: there is almost nothing that we haven’t put in a case yet. Whether it is form, color, size or customized interior design: we manufacture your case based on your wishes.

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