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Media furniture, furniture for technical equipment and ML-Case

No matter whether in the meeting room of your business, a university auditorium or for home use – ML case is your no. 1 partner when it comes to providing you with the perfect furniture to store your technical devices and as a partner for your projects. Of course with always with our highest quality standards and the know-how we have been building up for over 30 years.

Adapted to your wishes

19” devices, screens, computers, projectors, speakers, printers… the list of possible devices is long. But the list of what we can do to perfectly fit all the devices you need into a piece of furniture is even longer!

Each piece of furniture is designed based on your equipment and your requirements in close cooperation with you and then hand-crafted by our experienced employees at ML-Case.


What is the configuration of a piece of media furniture?

What are standard, what are optional components?

Standard configuration

First of all, it has to be mentioned that there is no “standard” piece of furniture for us in this area. Each product will be individually planned together with you and realized with our know-how. 

Our standard therefore is only the following, which is the foundation for all our products:

  • Competent and professional advice and highest quality standards of our products


What is possible?

For your custom-made piece of media furniture

  • Many materials (birch, beech, MDF, plywood,…)
  • Individual layout, fitted to your devices and wishes
  • Wide choice of color or surface coating options
  • Glass
  • Doors (wood or glass, optionally lockable)
  • Drawers
  • Electricity and cable management inside the piece of furniture
  • Wheels, stand or feet
  • Fan plates or electrical fan
  • + many more

The possibility are virtually unlimited. Simply ask our team, we are glad to assist you with your project!

References and inspiration:

Medienmöbel matt grau


Wood, clear varnish:

Birch, clear varnish (standard)

Beech, clear varnish


White, silky matte

Black, shiny

Gray, matte

All RAL colors


Pickling is a type of coloring wood by treating it with so-called pickle. Not to be confused with varnishing.


Wenge wood

  We offer further pickling colors. Please contact us for samples!

Interested? Contact us now and we will be glad to assist you with your project!