Cases and further products for industrial use

We manufacture cases for industrial use

Solutions for industry

Cases and further products for industrial use

Industry is a substantial part of our economy – and the trend is upwards. Likewise, expectations and ambitions in product quality are growing.

What does this mean for ML-Case? It certainly means that we will work hard to excel and to provide you with the high quality products you expect. But it also means that the products we pack become increasingly sensitive and high tech, from returnable packaging for circuit boards and mobile measuring systems to parts for highly sensitive coordinate measuring devices.

We are your competent partner for bringing all these parts and components safely and easily to where you want them to be.


What is it we do?

The multitude of fields of industry is just as varied and individual as our possibilities. This is why we compiled only a small selection of our products here as examples and would like to ask you to discuss your case request personally with us so that we can find the optimum solution for you.

See some examples below


Industrial devices and tools

We manufacture cases for industrial application, of course custom-made and robust

Often, industrial devices and high tech tools are very expensive. The more important it therefore is to avoid that they are damaged or even lost during storage or transportation. This is where we come into play. An ML case offers many advantages and solutions!

Case for sandblasting unit

The example picture shows accessories for a sandblasting unit. Securely and handily packed in an ML case. You will notice at once if a part is missing!


Case for operating panel

Operating panels are a wonderful example to show that it is no problem to have electronic parts installed in a case. All connectors and cables are located at a central port to the case and your device is well-protected in the case. (Case can be earthed).


Case for tools

Our classic. The tool case everybody wishes for. Compact. Clear. Handy. We manufacture this case according to your wishes and accommodating your individual set of tools!

Measuring devices

Cases by ML-Case

Measuring devices

Measuring devices are indispensable for quality checks. For ours and certainly also yours. As measurements are only comparably through the results they give, we make sure that these masterpieces of precision are unscathed and fully ready to do their job even after transportation or storage.

Case for outside micrometers

Central to quality control, these handy tools face a high risk of being damaged. A case manufactured by ML-Case will make sure that your tools are undamaged by providing you with custom-made packaging in a case.


Case for plug gauges

As these devices are highly sensitive to defects, we would like to show you our solution made by ML-Case.

Disposable packaging and component packaging

We present a selection of special custom-made cases

Disposable packaging

You need to bring a component or device safely to your customer? Our robust disposable packaging is the perfect solution! Made from robust wood, sturdy fitting yet affordable!

Transport solutions for machine parts

Using high precision machine parts as an example, we would like to show you this form of packaging and our know-how:

Returnable packaging and logistics

We present a selection of special custom-made cases

Returnable packaging

This form of case is becoming increasingly popular in both small and large scale enterprises. See for yourself!

Returnable packaging

Returnable packaging is often used for company-internal logistics and are fitted to your needs accordingly. No matter whether you use forklifters, wheels or even a hauling system, require modular fitting to your high rack storage system or pack size – we have the perfect solution!

Wood-free industry.

No wood. No fibers. No particles.

Metal case

Especially in fields like medicine or high precision metal engineering, products made of wood are not allowed. This is why we have pecialized in the field of metal cases as your competent partner. These cases are manufactured by ML-Case.

Cases made of metal

Customized to meet your requirements. Water-proof, dust-proof and light weight.



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