Flightcases made by ML-Case

As you have seen on our website, ML-Case offers a wide range of products. Our specialty is the manufacturing of flightcases, which still is the major part of what we do. To give you an impression of what we can do, we have prepared an overview of the flightcases we offer.

What is a flightcase anyway?

To transport large items safely and securely, special boxes are often used, so-called flightcases. The term itself originates from aircraft technology, but the boxes themselves are used in a wide variety of fields, for transporting for example musical instruments, desktops, spotlights, medical “26 von “41 or electronical equipment. The important thing is to protect the content of the case against shocks, hits, rain or the access of unauthorized persons.

We produce for you – based on your wishes, ideas and requirements.

But our product range is not limited to standard cases but also includes a wide range of custommade products, which are hand-crafted after careful planning in close cooperation with the client. There is almost nothing that is impossible for us. And in fact: there is almost nothing that we haven’t put in a case yet. Whether it is form, color, size or customized interior design: we manufacture your case based on your wishes.

Flightcase designs

There are basically three basic designs for flightcases, each of which has further sub-types. Combining the three designs creates basically all forms of flightcases.

Interested? Find here your personal Flightcase!

Select from different Designs or configure it based on your own imagination!