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Beamer case, TV case and more…

Beamer case, TV case? or a case for a camera dolly?

When it comes to cases for image and video, there is practically no limit to our cases. We would of course be glad to make you an offer for an ML case for your devices and equipment.

We offer cases for:













Video elements


Tripods / camera dollies


Case for LED panel

Cases for LED panels

LED panels have become essential for video technology. But to bring a live broadcast to a large audience, these panels have to get to the event location. This is where our cases come into play! We manufacture the cases for the safe transport of your panels!

kleines Beamercase mit Zubehör
65" Plasmacase

Case for Screens and TV-devices


…flexible up to 100 inch

Cases for Screens

TV devices, screens, flat screens or even Curved TVs. The designation are often different. But they all need optimal protection for transport them.

The ML-Case universal screen Case adapts perfectly to your devices. At the same time 2 monitors from 32 “to 100” can be transported safely. And thanks to the “ML fast adjustment” holder, a backup of different screens can be made within seconds.

An indispensable case for your business.

kleines Beamercase mit Zubehör
65" Plasmacase


Cases for Conferenece equipment

Conference devices have become an indispensable part of everyday work. But these online meetings are often not always in your own business premises where a system is already installed, further more conferences held in venues, hotels or specially prepared event locations. Often with the disadvantage that no system, an unknown system or outdated technology can be found. With its Flightcase-solutions, ML-Case offers an efficient and cost-effective way to bring your system safely to the location of the online meeting. Since everything has its place in this case, a successful and well prepared meeting can start after a short set-up! 

kleines Beamercase mit Zubehör
65" Plasmacase
65" Plasmacase

Example pictures

kleines Beamercase mit Zubehör
Case für Kamerawagen
65" Plasmacase
Universal TV-Case


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