Screen for direction place

For your FOH place – quick, simple, unobtrusive


The FOH place is the control center of every event. It is therefore very important to have this area well shielded. Unfortunately, this often proves to be not so easy, with often only duvetyne or tables at hand – not a pretty solution as you might have thought for yourself on occasion.

For this reason, ML-Case developed a solution to solve this problem in a more elegant fashion.

What are the advantages? Here is a quick overview for you:

  •  Fuss-free transport of the elements
  •  Flexible organization of FOH area
  • Unobtrusive but still attractive design
  • No more “handicraft”
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Economical due to enduring usability



Our elements in detail

Adapted size

From our references we know that a height of 105 cm is the usual optimum for FOH places and therefore also should match your FOH place. However, if you require special sizes to meet the requirements of your event, this is of course also no problem for ML Case.

No need for tools

You will not need any tools for setting up the screens! Thanks to the light but stable design, one person can manage the assembly on the spot in no time. Just take the screen out of the case, lock the feet and interlock the elements after positioning for perfect stability.


Unobtrusive and discreet: this is the short but fitting description for our screens. And this is exactly what they should be! For under no circumstances should a direction place impair or even disrupt an event. In fact, it should not be perceptible at all. This is what our covers can make sure.

High quality plywood

The screens are made from stable and high quality materials. A mix of multiplex and refined steel are the perfect basis for long-time use in your events, its good look ensured by the black structured surface.

Easy transport

Owing to their standardized size and the slim design, the elements can be transported perfectly in bundles of 5 or 7 pieces in a case* – of course also made by ML Case – and can be just as easily removed from the case thanks to the milled handles. For easier handling, the case by default is equipped with wheels.

*Case must be ordered separately*

Firm stand

Often the direction place is right in the middle of the audience, making it all the more important that the screens are safe against shifting or even falling. To this end, we have incorporated innovative solutions such as our interlocking system for the elements and the lockable feet. To prevent people from tripping, these are designed in a flat manner. 



100% flexible – adapts to all areas

Options for setup

A standard case contains five elements which can be connected as required. Moreover, the system is not limited in the number of elements that are connected. 

The elements can be connected at any angle between 70° and 200° in mere seconds owing to the easy interlocking system. 

With five elements a maximum area of 345 x 115 cm can be covered (with 3 pc. longitudinally, 1 pc on the right side, 1 pc on the left side). 

Are you interested in our covers? Send us an inquiry or contact us personally and our team will draw up an offer tailored for your needs. Without any costs to you, of course. We are looking forward to hearing from you!