Studio furniture, shop fitting and encasings

As you have seen on our website, ML-Case offers a wide range of products. But flightcases are by no means the only product we offer our customers. With our modern equipment, know-how and experienced craftsmanship, we are also the perfect partner for your project when it comes to the manufacture of custom-made studio furniture and shop fittings!

What does “furniture” mean here?

Our main focus in the field of furniture is the manufacture of typical products like studio furniture, furniture for studio controls, encasings for speakers, functional furniture for exhibitions and furniture for media. But we have no limits. Of course we will be happy to assist you in realizing your idea of your customized piece of furniture – of course with our usual high quality standards!

We produce for you – based on your wishes, ideas and requirements.

But our product range is not limited to standard furniture, and also includes a wide range of custom-made products, which are hand-crafted after careful planning in close cooperation with the client.

A short overview

There are certain types of event furniture, depending on their design and purpose.

Studio rack

Studio racks serve to hold 19” devices in your recording studio. Usually, the front is covered by a glass door, behind which the rack rails are mounted. To make sure that the rack is large enough to hold all the 19” devices you want, we manufacture the rack in the size you need. For added mobility, wheels may be added.

Studio tables

A true classic is the studio table. To provide you with a perfect workspace, holding all your recording devices, a studio table is indispensable. Get your custom-made studio table with MLCase according to your wishes… color? Drawers? Height units? Solid wood or rather coated plywood with a fancy metallic surface? No problem at all for ML-Case!

Media furniture

Media furniture means pieces of furniture that exactly fit your room, atrium or classroom and can hold your devices such as beamers, TVs or audio systems in a functional and usable manner.

There are different types of furniture for event management, depending on their design and purpose.

All pieces of furniture we manufacture are prepared by state-of-the art cutting techniques and CNC milling and assembled by our experienced employees. Subsequently, they are carefully surface-treated and polished for immaculate results after varnishing. After a careful check by our varnishing experts, your piece of furniture will get your favorite color in a complex process. Or would you rather like to have a laminated surface? This is also no problem for us. Of course with the same carefulness and perfection!