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What is a studio table designed by ML-Case? Our studio tables literally are based on our studio racks, on which a work plate is put. On this basic studio table, further structures can be installed. For example, you can put your 19” devices into the base (rack), a 81-key keyboard is arranged in the middle shelf and in the top shelf, studio monitors and screens can be placed. It is our ambition to combine perfect functionality and usability with modern design, based on your wishes and requirements. Let us design your perfect work space in the studio (or anywhere else) with a high quality custom-made studio table by ML-Case!

For everything you need in your working environment.

Do you have 19” devices, a keyboard, computer, mixer, amps or other equipment you would like to have arranged centrally and functionally in your work space? Your perfect solution is our MLCase studiotable, which will be designed according to your wishes and requirements



The design of our studio tables – standard and optional components

What´s Standard? what's an option?

Standard configuration

First of all, it has to be mentioned that there is no “standard” piece of furniture for us in this area. Each product will be individually planned together with you and realized with our know-how.

A standard table usually is set up as follows:

  • Basic construction: 1x rack with 19” width, 16 HU (height units) and variable depth, incl. stepless aluminum rails with shift-proofing for screw nuts
  • 2x table leg
  • Straight form
  • Rectangular work plate, dimensions variable
  • Solid 18 mm birch multiplex body
  • 18 mm birch work plate
  • Transparent multi-layer varnish

Optional configuration: Makes your table unique – the possibilities are almost unlimited

  • Alternative material (beech, MDF, etc)
  • Alternative form (e.g. rounded or slanting work plate)
  • Angular design
  • Alternative surface varnishes/materials
  • Additional base constructions
  • Doors for base racks (glas, wood, lockable)
  • Work plate made of solid wood or solid wood look (36 mm)
  • Extension for keyboard
  • Wheels, pedestal or furniture feet
  • Top rack, HU and depth variable
  • Ventilation opening or electric van
  • Cable ducts
  • Any many more

There are no limits to your individually designed table. Simply ask our team, we will be happy to assist you with your project!

Examples and inspiration:


Wood, clear varnish

Birch, clear varnish (standard)

Beech, clear varnish


White, silky matte

Black, shiny

Gray, matte

All RAL colors


Pickling is a type of coloring wood by treating it with so-called pickle. Not to be confused with varnishing.


Wenge wood


We offer further pickling colors.

Please contact us for samples!

Interested? Contact us now and we will be glad to assist you with your project!