Cases for rigging and truss systems


Rigging Cases

When it comes to rigging, robust and sturdy case design is required to cope with the hard life on tour and to accommodate the usually heavy rigging equipment. This is why we usually craft these cases in heavy duty design according to customer’s wish to give you a case that is both functional and long-lived!

Kettenzug Case, Rigging Cases

Cases for chain blocks

Depending on the client’s requirements, cases for chain block are designed either as single, double or multi-case. Due to the usually heavy weight of the equipment, we recommend heavy duty design with durable ML case edges 35mm, 6-hole ball corners, sprung handles in dish, solid fittings and heavy rivets. Wheels and heavy load wheels are optionally available.

Rigging crane Case
Rigging crane Case
Rigging crane Case

Cases for truss pins

We also offer cases for truss pins, which are usually designed as suitcase.

Depending on the size and equipment, truss pin cases are available as economy version (23mm edge, small ball corners, 6.5mm plywood, economy fittings) or pro version (30mm edge, medium ball corners, 9mm plywood, medium fittings).

To keep the pins in position, our cases are furnished with milled inlays and foam padding.


Trussbolzen Case; Rigging Cases
Truss Case, Rigging Cases

Cases for truss systems

Based on the standard of a straight truss system, we offer trunk cases in both the pro version (30mm edge, medium ball corners, 9mm plywood and medium fittings) or heavy duty version (35mm special edges, 6-hole ball corner, 9mm plywood and large fittings), which can optionally be fitted with wheels for easier transport. The maximum number of elements to be fitted in the case depends on the kind and size of the truss systems.

Rigging accessories

We have cases for almost all cases of accessories for rigging and truss systems

Rigging Cases

Of course, there is a lot of smaller equipment and parts for rigging and truss systems which also have deserved to be packed safely and securely in a case. It is possible to either fit the actual equipment case with a special compartment for small parts or to have them in a separate case.

Some examples for accessories for which we offer cases:

  • Ropes
  • Chains
  • Controller
  • Fall protection


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