Versatile pack size case

Our most flexible case – fits everything. Especially in your lorry.
ML-Case’s  versatile pack size case!

Why “versatile”? Why “pack size”?

Owing to its flexible design and the modular interior, the pack size case is the perfect choice for almost everything you want to move or stow away. Our standard pack size case comes with a milled grid on the inner wall, which can be variably fitted with partitions, trays or racks, depending on your demands. With its modular design, everything is compatible, making this case the most versatile option for you. (Please see below for more details on the optional fittings).

Pack size refers to fixed measurements of the outer dimensions of a case. These are the standard sizes for transporting goods like 60cm, 80 cm, 120 cm, etc., which perfectly fit into your lorry* and can thus can easy be secured in the lorry. For more details on the available sizes, please see the table below.

(*for lorries with 2,40m loading area width)

Why ML-Case?

Like every case we offer, the pack size cases are custom-made and hand-crafted according to your requirements. This ensures that you will get the case that will perfectly cater your needs. And our high quality standards and the robustness and longevity of our cases make sure that they will be your steady and reliable companions for a very, very long time.


universal Packmass Case

Standard pack size case

Our basic model

Standard pack size case


Our standard ML pack size case features:

  • Heavy duty version
  • 9mm plywood
  • 100mm blue wheels, 2 brakes, with plates
  • Black interior
  • Variable pack sizes
  • Many selectable colors

Optional fittings for standard pack size cases

Select your fittings!

Optional fittings for the standard pack size case

Grid boards

A grid is CNC-milled into the birch plywood, surface-treated and sealed with a special coating. This board is the basis for further modules for your case.

Small partition

The small partition is  made from 12mm birch plywood, features a grip hole and is painted black. This partition is used in combination with trays, which are placed above the partitions. With the partitions, compartments can be separated inside the case.

*Small partition requires grid board*

Large partition

The large partition is made from 12mm birch plywood, features a grip hole and is painted black. As this partition extends into the top lid of the case, it is especially useful for stowing away smaller parts in the compartments to prevent them from falling out when the case is not in an upright position. Large partitions are compatible with wheel stacking dishes.

*Large partition requires grid board*

Small tray

The small tray is made from 12mm birch plywood, features two grip holes and is painted black. Its measurements are 259x87x522 (LxWxH, inner dimensions) and perfectly fitted for our pack size cases. Small trays are compatible with wheel stacking dishes.

*Small tray requires grid board*

Large (standard) tray

The large tray is made of 12mm birch plywood, features two grip holes and is multilayer-painted black. Its measurements are 522x87x522 (LxWxH, inner dimensions) and perfectly fitted for our pack size cases. Large trays are compatible with wheel stacking dishes. The tray is optimal for storing small parts as the case lid fits the tray and therefore no parts can fall out of the tray during transport.

*Large tray requires grid board*


Learn more about our racks for pack size cases

*requires grid board*


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Information on available pack sizes

Further optional fittings

To make your pack size case even better!

Wheel stacking dishes

These have almost become a must-have as they make transport so much easier. The wheel stacking dishes are fitted into the top lid of the case so as to fit the wheels of the case stacked on top. This will give additional stability to your cases during transport.

*Wheels stacking dishes require identical size of cases to be stacked*

Self-aligning wheels

Self-aligning wheels are becoming more and more popular. When lifting the case, a spring mechanism will automatically align the position of the wheel to the longitudinal side of the case. With these, you will never have to manually adjust the orientation of the wheels of your case!



Tour label dish

Allows you to easily identify the content of your case without opening it. And if you want to change the labelling – no problem! The label is wipeable and reuseable.



Wide range of color options

Does your case have to be in a specific color? Or would you prefer a multi-colored case as a distinguishing feature? No problem at all. We surely have the right color for your case!

View our color options here: